Writing an essay

- These are the signs I use in the correction of your writings.
- An academic writing module: paragraphs. Exercises on topic sentences and paragraphs.
- English online France: self-tests and tutorials on constructing paragraphs.
- Model opinion essays: although these samples are much longer than what you will be asked for at the university entrance exam, they will help you learn to write.
- Opinion essay topics
- For and against essays
- Writing a formal letter
- Expressions for formal and informal letters.
- Writing an informal letter. Multiple choice informal English vocabulary exercise
- Narrative writing: Write a fictional story about being an eyewitness at a historical event.
- Writing a review on a book or film. and example.

- Connectors and linkers. És un blog per a preparar el 'writing' de l'EOI.
- Project on human rights
- Project on celebrity culture
- How to write an interview
- (listening exercise) Why videos go viral?


- Martin Luther King.

- Aung San Suu Kyi (video) (3.09'-5.11') Myanmar 2013-Press Confeerence with Da Aung San Suu Kyi
- 15 ways to travel for free (or at least cheap)
- Posa't a prova és una oferta educativa de tests interactius amb qüestions de diferents matèries de les PAU*, per incentivar l'estudi i l'autoavaluació.

- Reading quizzes. Texts with multiple choice answers about comprehension. Send me your results when you are satisfied with your answers by clicking End quiz and view summary. Start with Reading 1 and do one text every Thursday.
- Pop culture versus real America.
- Which is the hardest language? Reading test. UsingEnglish.com
- Reality Television. Reading test. UsingEnglish.com
- The Man Booker Prize. Reading test. UsingEnglish.com

Linking words: English online France: exercises to practise some connectors.
Connectors exercise


  1. Phrasal verbs at EngVid.com: LOOK
  2. Phrasal verbs at EngVid.com: PUT
  3. Make and do by English Hilfen (first exercises to get familiar with the words)
  4. Make and do by Better English.com (with answers and score, try to get 100%)
  5. Make and do by Using English (exercises with answres and score of right answers, get 100%)
  6. Make and do by Learnenglish (explanation, expressions and test at the bottom of the page.
  7. Make and do by BBC (explanation and exercises)
  8. Make and do by Perfect English Grammar
  9. Reporting verbs 1.
  10. Reporting verbs 2
  11. Reporting verbs 3. Send me this exercise
  12. Reporting verbs 5.
  13. More reporting verbs
  14. Revision of reporting verbs at English exercises
  15. Revision of reporting verbs at ESL lounge
  16. Although, in spite of, despite. (explanation and exercises).
  17. Another exercise on although, in spite of, ... in myenglishpages.com
  18. One more exercise on although, in spite of, ...
  19. Revision of although, despite, in spite of, however.
  20. A good summary of different types of connectors.
  21. Exercise on clauses of purpose(send this exercise with your name to rosa.roche@gmail.com)
  22. Exercises on clauses of purpose
  23. Subordinating conjunctions: though, before, if, since, etc.
  24. False friends. A relation of some of the most common false friends in our language.
  25. False friends 1. Complete the sentences with the correct [[#|word]] (the web shows problems correcting nº 8, 9, 14)
  26. Pick up 6 of the false friends that you failed and write or find an example with each of the words in the pairs. Send them to your teacher.
  27. False friends. Write in the missing word
  28. Compound words: what are they?
  29. Compound words 1. tolearnenglish.com
  30. Word formation

    of word formation and phrasal verbs.

  31. Knoword, a game to play with words. You are given the initial letter and the definition of a [[#|word]] and you guess the word. The game is against the clock.
  32. Describing people. Here you are the files with the images that you made for revising the vocabulary.
  33. Adjectives plus prepositions at English.4you

-Idiomatic expressions

- Video BBC
- Use Wordreference.com to search idiomatic expressions which you may colloquially use in your language. See if you can google these expressions and find examples (5+examples in a word document and send it to your teacher)



- Tenses at Englishpage.com
- Simple future and future perfect at english page
- Future perfect and future continuous at esl-lounge
- Future perfect and future continuous at english page
- Future perfect and future continuous at e-grammar

- All tenses at English-grammar.at

Gerunds and infinitives

- Grammar explanation
- Gerunds and infinitives tutorial at englishpage.com
- Gerunds and infinitives exercises at englisch-hilfen.de
- Infinitive or ing?
- Revision of gerunds and infinitives


Write the words in the correct order to make exclamations

Choose the correct option
Exercise on 'so' and 'such'
Choose the best exclamatory structure

Defining and non-defining relative clauses

- Defining and non-defining relative clauses. Power Point presentation.
- Non-defining relative clauses by better-english.com
- Relative pronouns- necessary or not?
- Forming relative clauses by English Grammar Online
- Rewrite the sentences so that they have the same meaning as the original. You must use a relative pronoun. Do exercise 1 and 2.
- This time rewrite the sentences leaving out the relative pronoun where possible. The correction of this exercise allows for just 1 correct answer, but there might be more. Ask your teacher if you think your sentence is correct. Perfect English Grammar.
- Omitting the pronoun

Order of adjectives

Put the adjectives in the correct order at Englishexercises.org
More practice at Study zone University of Victoria
More practice at UsingEnglish.com
Try this last exercise at esolcourses.com
And one more at learnenglishfeelgood.com

Passive/active voice

- Grammar explanation passive sentences at ego4u.com
- Basic practice on passive sentences for those who need some revision from former years.
- Passive sentences with two objects
- Passive sentences with verbs of perception: grammar explanation.
- Passive sentences with verbs of perception.
- Impersonal passive - exercises. Send the worksheet to your teacher,
- Impersonal passive - exercises 2. Send the worksheet to your teacher.
- Active and passive choice.
- A tale to choose active or passive and correct tense.
- Another exercise where to choose either the passive or active voice in the correct tense.
- Revision of impersonal passives: do the first 5 and then check the solution.


Reported speech

- Reported speech - simple statements, by English Hilfen
- Reported speech - statements with expressions of time, by English Hilfen
- Reported questions
- More exercises on reported questions at englishexercises.org
- Reported commands
- Reporting verbs list.
-Report the following messageswith reporting verbs in the past tense and send them. Check the list for verb patterns.
- Report these sentences using reporting verbs

Conditional sentences

-Third conditional exercisesby English Grammar Secrets. Do exercises 2, 3 and 5.
- Mixed types 1.
- Mixed types 2.


- 15 ways to trafel for free (or at least cheap)
- Travel disasters
- Hikikomori
- Obeying the rules



Estructura de l'examen i criteris generals d'avaluació d'Anglès

Exemples d'exàmens de convocatòries anteriors


1. Moving words